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 RuneScape Discussion Rules

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PostSubject: RuneScape Discussion Rules   Thu May 17, 2007 10:37 pm

Hi forum users, the RuneScape Discussion Rules are put in to educate people who don't know how to use Discussion Forums properly, or just wondering how to use these forums without pushing the edge. Each rule has it's different forms, shapes, and sizes. Just to point out it does count too.

You'll be given one strike for the following:

Misleading titles
Accusing someone of scamming
Insulting other players, Moderators or Admins
Double posting

You'll be given two strikes for the following:

Thread hijacking
Want to be Modding
Item Scamming
Selling or Buying misleading guides
Posting download links

You'll be given three strikes for the following:

Password Scamming
Rank Impersonation
Multiple Accounts
Posting keylogger downloads
Posting Porn
Posting your signature or posts all in CAPS

There maybe some other rules that I didn't list, if so please don't contact me about this, just use common sense and don't post what is probably expected as breaking the rule, it'll be worth it.
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RuneScape Discussion Rules
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