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 Required Information

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PostSubject: Required Information   Sun May 20, 2007 2:53 am

Hi, if you're going to get someone to do a Quest for you or get a Fire Cape or anything like that, please give them currect information they need, for example a Bank Pin, and the Password if needed, if someone does want a Bank Pin or Recovery Answers, you should think for a second, what do they need it for? Then the answer will come in your head, almost instant.

If you're doing User Services, you should *always* use a Middle Man, because then, if they don't train it, they won't get banned. Before you ask for Middle Man Services people leave one of these in your post:

Talk to friends:
Talk to public people:
How long you want it done:
What you will get:

If you don't leave one of these in your post while doing it, please make sure you do it via MSN, just incase someone starts getting offended by other RuneScape players, then forced to swear or something, etc. Never trust anyone.
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Required Information
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