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 How many vouches do I need to be an Middle Man?

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PostSubject: How many vouches do I need to be an Middle Man?   Sun May 20, 2007 3:46 am

Hi, if you're wondering how to apply to be a Middle Man, this post will tell you how, and what is required to be a Middle Man, since this site is very small, we'll only start off as small requirements.

How many vouches do I need?

15 Pin Trades
15 Account Trades
5 Trades over 5,000,000gp

Both players must vouch you, via RuneScape Discussion and you must have proof, and both people, the Buyer and the Seller must vouch you to complete one vouch!

If the user had logged out I'll send them a Private Message, requesting the vouch. If the user doesn't use RuneScape Discussion, congratulations, you've wasted a trade.

You must have a total of one vouch before Applying to be a Middle Man. To get that one vouch you must post in the User Services Forum, and then request it moved or locked to repost it yourself.
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How many vouches do I need to be an Middle Man?
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