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 What's not counted as a Forum Game

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PostSubject: What's not counted as a Forum Game   Sun May 20, 2007 9:55 am

Many things aren't counted as a Forum Game, anything to do with tricking someone, or just posting random words or numbers, posts such as best spamming thread is not allowed, in any forum, even if it is a game, it's usualy called commonsense.

What's not counted as a Forum Game?

* Number counting
* Pictures, there will be a sticky for this
* Anything to do with RuneScape Items, etc
* Just plain lack of commonsense

If you don't follow these added rules for this forum, you will be banned for three days, and I'm serious. If you're going to post pointless messages, you deserved to be banned.
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What's not counted as a Forum Game
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