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 Donations and V.I.P. Forums!

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PostSubject: Donations and V.I.P. Forums!   Mon May 21, 2007 8:26 am

Hello everyone,

After much backup, I'm going to make Donation Ranks, and VIP Forums, VIP Members only, and VIPs get special ablities even on the normal forums, such as Deleting their own posts, etc. They might have extra abilities too, VIP Forums are currently active. There are no rules in the VIP Forums, however, so spamming is allowed, only on your thread though, past 50 posts, it's no longer allowed. VIP Status is 1 Million Gp, you'll have a coloured username. All Donations go for a Domain Name, and moving to vBulliten.

1 Million Gp - 5 Million Gp rank is this:

6 Million Gp - 10 Million Gp (or more) is this:

15 Milliom Gp (ore more) is this:

50 Million Gp or more is this:
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Donations and V.I.P. Forums!
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